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Some of these designs are inspired from the ancient art found in various sources, including the Book of Kells, Celtic relics and other manuscripts, or are my own creations. You'll see among the knotwork and spirals there are also paintings of the mythical unicorn (this one based on those in Michael Green's Unicornis - the History and Truth of the Unicorn -- great book!)

Below is a design in which I was supplied with the graphic on the left and added my own touches to create my version of the "Tree of Life." The final piece is stunning and something of which I'm quite proud.

Tom and his drum



"It brings me extreme pleasure to complement Mance's exquisite sounding bodhrans with beautiful Celtic designs. I only paint on the shell, never the skin. They are hand-painted. No two are exactly alike.

These are amongst some of the many designs I've done over the years for some wonderful people from all walks of life. Whether police, lawyers, technical and laymen, musicians (professional and aspiring, including past All Ireland champions), it's been a pleasure."

Lori Grady



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