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Here's some samples from Patsy's recordings...

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From "A Night In the Life"

"...Now that I am 21 I can go to Irish pubs my father plays in and enjoy the music.
I guess I kind of took him for granted before. I still knew all the songs by heart but back then I really didn't listen to them. The sounds are so much sweeter now that I know how much skill it takes to play them correctly and with such ease. ....As the bar room seems to be tapping and clapping as one, it gives me a kind of joy to lean over and say, 'That's my Dad up there.'
He doesn't have to dress up in a suit and tie every morning and sit in rush hour traffic for two hours. His office is a bar room, and in his briefcase he carries a guitar and fiddle. To me that seems like the life...."
- Connor Whelan