Patsy's Bio

Born in Dublin, Patsy Whelan burst onto the Boston Irish music scene and very quickly became a musical legend. With his fingers flailing across the strings of his guitar and fiddle Patsy doesn't rest until everyone is up on their feet celebrating in dance and song, no matter what the occasion.

As well as being the consummate Irish entertainer Patsy is a tremendously respected musician and as a veteran of many Irish Music Festivals, including the prestigious Washington Irish Folk Festival. He's played with dozens of well-known musicians including Paddy Reilly, Brendan Mulvilhill, Brian Gaffney, The Waterboys, the Furey Brothers, Shea Duffin, Ted Furey, Eamon Coyne, Mance Grady and John Quilter.

This is the essence of an evening with Patsy Whelan – music, fun and a performance that will keep you humming for a long time.

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"If you live in New England, and get a chance to hear Patsy perform, you'll witness the ultimate Irish Pub entertainer...laughing, sentimental, bawdy, full speed ahead... and one of the finest Irish fiddlers in the world." - Barrie Maguire, Maguire Gallery

"After the movie we found a little Irish-style pub called Nanny O'Brien's. We found seats there, drank a few beers and ate a lot of food, and listened to music from two guys, amazing musicians who could play guitars very fast and and loose (and tight, if they wanted). One of the guys also played a mean fiddle. In between the third or so set I found one of them, complemented him on their upbeat rendition of the Pogues' Dirty Old Town, and asked him if they had any CDs for sale. . I asked him what the name of their duo was, but he said, "We don't have one! We just meet here every now and then to jam!" I think their names are Patsy Whelan and Brian Gaffney. Brian's the owner of the pub I think, and Patsy is the devil with the fiddle. Go have a listen, they sound really fine. They sing a great version of Lyle Lovett's If I Had a Boat, too."

"...The folks at McGillin's, a great little pub on Drury Lane in the city, are also gearing up. They've got live Irish music --- in this case, the fabulous Patsy Whelan, the bard of Beantown, who uses his guitar and fiddle to turn everyone in the audience into Irish dancers. You can't help yourself..."